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Church Roof Restoration

Our grade II* listed Church, which dates from the mid-13th century, is in need of urgent repairs to its roof and masonry. This work is needed in order to prevent further deterioration and to ensure that it remains a welcoming space for worship and becomes a focal point for community activities and for visitors to our village.


The restoration project covers the most urgent works to renew the roof covering of the building, except the chancel which, although in need of repair, is currently weatherproof; urgent repairs to the masonry; and improvements to the above and below-ground drainage.

The cost of this project is in excess of £350,000. Through grant applications, a significant private donation and community fundraising activities we have achieved this target. Work started in October 2016 and is due for completion in May 2017.



 Restoration work progress


2nd October 2016
Temporary shelter and facilities for the workers are placed in the corner of the churchyard
6th November 2016
Gravestones nearest the church are covered to protect them from damage
6th November 2016
Church windows are covered to protect them from damage
13th November 2016
Scaffolding is erected around the church
20th November 2016
The chapel rooves are covered
27th November 2016
Along with the main part of the roof
11th December 2016
Roof is now protected from the elements as work begins to remove the tiles
15th December 2016
Vestry roof with the tiles removed
23rd December 2016
A display board describing the work was erected
Close up view of display board church-roof-restoration-project-board
6th January 2017
A very large and very lively colony of honey bees was found in the roof, along with a massive amount of honey. The bees were removed by professionals and taken to an apiary about 15 miles away.
24th February 2017
A view of the roof with new tiles in place. Around half of the work has been completed.
1st April 2017
Scaffolding being taken down.
10th April 2017
Lovely new roof is revealed.
A new base for the cross.