Paid work helping with European elections

Vale of White Horse District Council is seeking people to assist at polling stations for the European elections taking place on Thursday 22 May.

The hours are long (6:30 am to 10 pm) but the pay is quite generous.  Presiding officers get £200 for the day, while poll clerks get £120.  You can only apply to be a presiding officer if you’ve done it before or if you’ve been a poll clerk at least three times.

There are also jobs going to help with the poll verification and  the count.  The verification will take place after the close of poll at 10pm on 22 May until finished, and the count will be on Sunday 25 May commencing at 6pm.  Both will both take place at the Abingdon Tennis and Leisure Centre, Audlett Drive, Abingdon.

You can either fill in and return the form or if you wish to know more please contact Bev Lee,

Click here for the application form

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