Update on Possible Development on Allotments

The Parish Council would like to update you on what is happening on the above matter. The current situation is:-

1. No planning proposals have been submitted by Smiths Gore yet.

2. We continue to make enquiries about the legal implications of building on the allotments.

3. The District Council has now registered the allotment site as an Asset of Community Value.

4. The Hinton Waldrist Allotment Society is now a member of the National Allotment Society.

5. We are monitoring the District Council’s “housing land bank” – unfortunately, despite major planning approvals at Grove, Faringdon and Kingston Bagpuize, the Vale is still under-achieving in its 5-years’ supply of new houses.

6. If we do hear anything more positive we will do a letter drop to all villagers.

7. Please feel free to comment using the form on this page below.

Peter Evans

20 April 2014

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    • David W Edmunds on 24 Apr 2014 at 6:21 pm
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    Visited HW Church today where two ladies were preparing flowers for tomorrows wedding. In course of conversation they informed us of possible housing development of the allotment site. As an allotmernt holder in Ascot I find this very sad & wish all involved in opposing the development & keeping the allotments all the best. Make sure you follow all avenues as I know there are legal implications regarding the development of allotments. Leave no stone unturned!

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